Writer, Gamer, Dreamer, Brony. I have many passions in life, but none as bright as a good story despite it's medium. I enjoy stories because they are an escape. I write because I want to add to that experience, to share the worlds I create in my head every night. To allow people to slip out of their shells and see a new story as so many writers have done for me from the day I learned to read. These words are my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. And as for my Homestuck status, I’m a Soul of mind, a Derse dreamer, and the Guardian of the Land of Thought and Dissension.


me: *wakes up*

me: wheres my phone

me: *rips off blankets*

me: *hears loud thud*

me: there it is



Cis people are so gullible. A doctor basically gave a quick glance at your junk before you were even old enough to communicate and you think that’s the best gauge of your gender? Sad.